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Riede in der Weinregion Steiermark

The steepest vineyards that can be negotiated on foot, exciting variations of soil & microclimate – as well as the favourable location of the winegrowing regions right between the Alps and the Adriatic – have shaped the wines of the Steiermark for centuries. Each one of these wines can truly be described as distinctive.

Winegrowing regions Anbaugebiete der Weinregion Steiermark
The wine country of the Steiermark is divided into three independent DAC regions (Districtus Austriae Controllatus): Südsteiermark, Vulkanland Steiermark & Weststeiermark.
Terroir Terroir im DAC Anbaugebiet Vulkanland - Südsteiermark - Steirischer Wein
On the other side of any vineyard there’s another soil, a different climate & another sort of vine. The Steiermark’s terroirs offer great variety.
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All of the tasks of viticulture must be executed on foot and by hand. Tradition, experience & imagination combine to make each wine an individualistic experience in the glass.

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The hospitality of the Steiermark doubles the enjoyment of Styrian wines; atmosphere, food & people all harmonise in the taverns.